William Smith Heating Solutions Scotland Ltd offer the following key services to landlords, letting agents or other managers of property to let:

  • Landlords Gas Safety Checks
  • Central Heating Repairs & Servicing
  • Gas appliance Repairs & Servicing
  • All types of Installations Gas, Oil and Electric

We have computer software which gives us the ability to track our work and our staff effectively. As part of our service, we can do all of the arranging of work with tenants.

We have a fully manned office facility and we carry out our work safely professionally and economically at all times. Our fully registered engineers are very experienced and will always do what is required to comply with gas safety legislation

Landlords have their own responsibilities regarding gas safety. Details of their responsibilities can be found in HSE document – Landlords – A guide to landlords’ duties: Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

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Landlords must take action against Legionella

With an increasing interest in property investment and management, it is

important that landlords, local authorities and investors comply with all

regulatory requirements, including Legionella legislation.

According to the recent Legionella legislation, as part of general health and

safety regulations, any employer or person in control of a property must take

appropriate precautions to negate the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria. It

is therefore essential that domestic water systems are protected through the use

of chemical water treatment.

Understanding the Issue

Legionnaires’ Disease is a pneumonia-like illness caused by Legionella bacteria,

which is found in the natural environment and may contaminate and continue to

grow in any water system. If conditions are present that encourage bacteria to

multiply, then tenants are at risk of inhaling small droplets of Legionella

contaminated water.

The effects of Legionella can be fatal. It is therefore important landlords carry

out risk assessments to include establishing whether water is stored or

re-circulated as part of the system, if the water temperature in some or all parts

of the system is between 20 - 45 °C (conditions which are likely to encourage

bacteria to multiply), and if any of the tenants are particularly susceptible to

infection due to pre- existing health conditions.

Finding a Solution

It is crucial to ensure controlled and appropriate measures are in place to

protect domestic hot and cold water systems. Fernox LP Sterox will quickly and

efficiently combat all water borne bacteria and viruses including pseudomonas,

and is ideal for disinfecting stored water systems in domestic and small

commercial properties.

It is also strongly recommended to use the product in combination with the

Fernox LP Sterox Test Strips, which measure the level of LP Sterox

concentration during disinfection of the water system. After just 24 hours the

system will be disinfected in accordance with the HSE’s L8 Code of Practice.

Further advice regarding Legionella is available from the Health & Safety

Executive at

For further information on LP Sterox, LP Sterox Test Strips and other disinfection

products from Fernox, visit