William Smith Heating Solutions Scotland Ltd installs central heating systems to suit any circumstance. We supply systems using Gas, LPG, Electricity and Oil.

The majority of our heating systems are based on supplying heat via radiators. We also supply systems utilising warm air and underfloor heating.

William Smith Heating Solutions Scotland Ltd has trained our installers to a very high standard. All our installers are employed directly by the company helping to ensure total quality control.

We will carry out a pre-installation inspection at the time of the initial visit to allow us to inform our installers of what is required. We will also carry out a work in progress inspection to ensure all health and safety protocols are being adhered to during the installation process, and finally we carry out  a post installation inspection usually within seven working days to ensure all work has been carried out to your satisfaction and our high standard.

We insist that our employees treat your home with respect. They will use dust sheets to protect floors and our staff will ensure that your home is left in a clean and tidy condition. Simple things like lifting and laying carpets properly are all part of the service.

At the end of each installation our engineers will thoroughly test your system to ensure that it is operating the way it should. They will also go over the basic operation of the system controls with the customer.