Grant Aerona³ Air Source Heat Pump Range

Grant Aeronał Air Source

The Aeronał is the third generation of heat pumps to be launched by Grant UK. This new range is an innovative inverter driven air to water unit that is designed to maintain a reliable and consistent heat output, even at low outdoor temperatures.

With outputs of 6kW, 10kW and 16kW, the Grant Aeronał is compact in size and combines clever design features such as weather compensation controls and a base tray heating element to stop ice formation in cold weather conditions. The units are incredibly efficient and have an ErP rating of A++ for heating across the range.

The Grant Aeronał heat pump units will suit homes which want to incorporate renewable technologies when space is at a premium. As with all Grant products, the Aeronał is geared towards easy installation and maintenance for both installers and homeowners.

Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP)

The Aeronał inverter driven heat pumps have a superior SCOP even when external temperatures drop as low -20°C. The SCOP is the overall performance of the heat pump when used in a designated heating season (warm, average or cold), calculated as the reference annual heating demand divided by the annual energy consumed. Testing is carried out to European and British Standard BS EN 14825 establishing the seasonal space heating energy efficiency and SCOP at various ambient temperatures and system flow temperatures.

For example, the Grant Aeronał HPID6 model produces 6kW at a SCOP of over 4 when tested at low temperature and average climate conditions. This means, for every kilowatt (kW) of energy used to run the Aeronał, over 4kW of energy is being given to the heating system in return.

It is important to note that as the outside air gets colder, the output and therefore the SCOP of an air source heat pump fails slightly due to the reduced amount of heat energy in the air. Consequently, the output from the Aeronał will modulate down or up depending on the climate conditions and the demand on the heating system, giving the homeowner peace of mind that their heat pump is working as efficiently as possible every day of the year.


  • Inverter driven
  • MCS Approved
  • 6kW-16kW heat output
  • High COP€™s sustainable at low temperatures
  • Compact size
  • Single phase
  • Simple plumbing and electrical connections
  • Factory fitted weather compensation control
  • Base tray heating element

To view the Aeronał data sheet, please click here..

Product Title ErP Information
Product Code Description WEIGHT (kg) HEIGHT (mm) WIDTH (mm) DEPTH (mm) SCOP 35°C SCOP 55°C ErP Rating Energy Label Product Fiche
HPID6 GRANT Aeronał 6kW Inverter Driven Air Source Heat Pump 53 675 825 300 4.34 3.15 A++ Download Download
HPID10 GRANT Aeronał 10kW Inverter Driven Air Source Heat Pump 75 882 850 330 4.35 3.15 A++ Download Download
HPID16 GRANT Aeronał 16kW Inverter Driven Air Source Heat Pump 121 1418 1000 330 4.19 3.15 A++ Download Download